Pastor, Dr. Kenneth D. Pace

Dr. Kenneth Devon Pace was one of fourteen children born in Pelham, Texas to the parents of Bennie Pace Sr and Chestine Pace on April 26, 1950. Dr. Pace relocated to Dallas, Texas at a very young age. He was called to the ministry at True Lee Baptist Church under the leadership of the late R. L. Parish, Sr. Dr. Pace was asked to assist the late L. B. Bartley, Sr at Beginners Baptist Church. After the passing of L. B. Bartley, Sr. in 1983, Dr. Pace was called to Pastor Beginners Baptist Church. 

Dr. Pace was educated in the Dallas Independent School District. He began his theology studies at Southern Bible Institute while working full time as a City of Dallas employee. With hard work and determination, he was promoted to a City of Dallas Supervisor. Dr. Pace obtained his Basic Biblical Studies Degree from Southern Bible Institute in 1983. As he continued his studies, he obtained an Advanced Biblical Studies Degree in 1987 from Southern Bible Institute. After 34 years of service as a City of Dallas Supervisor, he retired in 2003. Dr. Pace understood the importance of being well endowed with biblical knowledge as he continued to minister to his flock so he continued his theological studies through Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary and College. Here, Dr. Pace followed an aggressive academic plan and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 2004, a Master’s Degree in 2005, and a Doctorate Degree in 2006.

Community involvement is very important to Dr. Pace. He has given selflessly of his time over the years to the community and district. Dr. Pace served as the supervisor of The Men of Galilee Griggs for many years. He currently serves as the Treasurer of Galilee Griggs and has held this position for fourteen years. He is also the Assistant Zone Leader of Zone One.   

Dr. Pace is married to Keona Pace. He has three children, Montra Nelson-Pace, Kadaria Henderson, and Kameron White. Dr. Pace is also a grandfather and a great-grandfather.